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International Ordering

Does RealBikers.com
ship internationally?

Answer: At RealBikers.com, we believe that everyone deserves a great deal, not just US citizens. We ship to many countries, but not all countries.

What countries do RealBikers.com
ship to at this time?

Answer: RealBikers.com has shipped to
Australia, New Zealand, Great Britian, Ireland, Germany, France, Canada, Sweden, Wales, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Poland, Portugal, and to several countries with US military bases.

How do I place an international order from RealBikers.com?

Procedure for International Ordering

RealBikers.com does not ship to every country in the world. If you live in country or area of the world that is known for credit card fraud or similar scams, RealBikers.com will not ship to you. Countries in Africa are off limits, due to the scams coming from many of the countries there.

We also have to screen the items we sell in other countries. If you are a member of the US military, and stationed in the Middle East, you need to be aware that Christian Items must be ordered in small quantities. For example, we could send you one (1) or two (2) Soldiers Prayer patches, but there may be a problem with three (3) or more. You can have them shipped for personal use, but cannot order them in "distribution quantities." Other countries have different restrictions that are placed on shipping also. Please check with your current Postal Office for regulations.

International Shipping Costs

To calculate shipping cost to your country, you can go to https://ircalc.usps.gov/. Once you are there, choose your country, size of the package and estimate weight.
If you are ordering from a country outside of the United States, we offer Priority 6-10 day shipping to most countries for just $42. That is our cost. If you order only patches, there is no additional charge. If you order heavier items, we do reserve the right to charge additional shipping charges. The additional shipping charges can be found under the International shipping charges link in the upper left column.

Payment Methods

We only accept Paypal payments from "Verified" paypal members, for international orders. There are many reasons for this, but the top reason is to make the currency exchange easier. Paypal will automatically convert currency to US Dollars. Also, "Verified Paypal Members" are a better fraud and security risk. The method of payment for international orders is non-negotiable.

Ordering Procedure

To find out what the actual shipping costs will be, you may e-mail us from the contact us page with your order. We will weigh the items, and respond to your e-mail with a shipping quote. We will also tell you at that time if we will ship to your country.



RealBikers.com is owned by RealBikers, Inc., Nancy Pell and Allison Hageman, Grandma and Grand Daughter. So call us Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm Central Time at 501-513-3733 with any questions


All patches are processed by Dave at Wholesale Direct.  His new site is ozarkbikershop.com

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