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Custom Patches

Where can I get Custom Patches made?

Answer: RealBikers.com
your one and ONLY Ozark biker Shop, That's Where!

Why are your prices so much less than
everyone else on the internet?

Answer: Because I'm JUST THAT GOOD!

Our Custom Patch website is Patch-Custom.com.


RealBikers.com now has it's own commercial embroidery shop that manufactures Custom Patches. That means, we can now make as little as 1 Custom Patch for you or as many as you may need. We still use our factory for the large orders, but if you need some patches in a hurry, we can now help. To use this service, just put together your artwork, or image(s) and give me a call for our e-mail address. It is sad that I cannot publish the e-mail address here, but the SPAMMERS already love me too much. To give you an idea of price, we just finished several projects for customers. We did several rockers in various sizes, and prices ranged from $5 to $8 each. We did a big back patch with lots of stitches for under $20. Of course, we do name tags also. Regular name badges run $3 -$5 depending on size. The name badge patches are shipped the next day after ordering. As a matter of fact, most all custom patches and name badges are shipped the next day. Of course we offer are low $4 flat rate shipping also.

If you have a group of riders and you want to have a patch made to reflect your group, WE are your source for Custom Patches, too. You can click on the Custom Patches link and go to our Custom Patches site to see pricing and get ideas. WE have our own embroidery shop. Our minimum purchase is based on the difficulty of the design. The more difficult the design, the more you need to buy. The more you buy, the cheaper the patches get. These are made in the USA patches, by us, in Missouri. Our prices are comparable to the factories in China, but you will be supporting a USA family business.

Custom Patches from RealBikers.com is the best decision you can make. We offer our customers more then any other company. We offer FREE SET-UP, FREE BASIC ARTWORK, FREE DIGITIZING, and FREE SHIPPING on most orders with just a flat rate $4 shipping on all the other orders.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU? It means that you are going to save about 40% - 60% as compared to other companies that offer custom patch manufacturing on the internet and you will save even more then that compared to local companies. Of course, the cost of your patch will vary by size, quantity of patches, quantity of thread colors, and the percentage of the patch that is embroidered. Want a few examples of what we have done. Here are just a few.

We just finished manufacturing 2" diameter patches for one company. The cost was 30¢ each, and that included the shipping cost, too. We made a back patch for a military organization. The military back patch we made for them was a 9" in diameter patch. The cost for the 9" diameter patch was just $3.60 each. This was a savings of about $10 a patch from the previous company they were using. They were so excited about the quality and the price, that they gave us the business for more big back patches and well as the smaller patches they need too. We have made ride and rally patches for many organizations, too. And, we have made patches for Church groups, too. Don't forget about the Youth Group at your church. Youth Group Patches are great for fundraising. Most of the average size patches cost between 75¢ - $2.00 each. We have many more examples, but those are the most popular sizes. Obviously, we have bigger, more expensive patches, too.

Cost is not the only factor you should use to determine the company you choose. We offer many Free options for our customers to choose from. For example, we offer close to 100 different high quality twill background colors and close to 300 different thread colors. This is much more than the competition. WHY DO WE OFFER SO MANY COLORS? Because our machines can embroider 9 different colors at once. That means that you can get a patch with 10 colors (1 background color and 9 different thread colors) for the prices quoted above, with no extra charge. WOW, not very many companies can do that for you. And, the few that can will charge extra for the service.

HERE IS HOW YOU GET STARTED! Go to the our Custom Patches website. There you will see prices, ideas and get all the information you need. From there, you just send us an image of your patch or idea and we will do the rest. That's it. It is painless and FREE. We will talk to you without being pushy, and give you our opinion for free. We will also get you free price quote as quickly as we can. WE CANNOT GIVE YOU A BALL PARK PRICE QUOTE WITHOUT SEEING YOUR IMAGE AND HAVING THE SPECIFICS FOR YOUR PATCH.

If you want to know about what we charge, just go to our Custom Patches site. You will get an idea of various sizes and shapes. Back Patch size patches are done on an individual basis.

I hope this information helps you to at least decide to give us a chance to get your business. Get a quote from several other companies and then call us last. We won't ask you what the other companies quoted you. We will just laugh with you when you tell us how much less we are charging.


RealBikers.com is owned by RealBikers, Inc., Nancy Pell and Allison Hageman, Garndma and Grand Daughter. So call us Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm Central Time at 501-513-3733 with any questions


All patches are processed by Dave at Wholesale Direct.  His new site is ozarkbikershop.com

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