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Motorcycle Patches

Why does RealBikers.com
sell Motorcycle Patches so cheap?

Answer: Because we manufacture most of what we sell
and the rest, we buy in large volumes! As you know,
the more you buy the cheaper it gets!

Is there a difference between your
Motorcycle Patches and other
more expensive websites?

Answer: YES, Because we manufacture most of what we sell,
we control the quality of our Motorcycle Patches.
So, our patches are usually of a higher quality
than most other websites!

Motorcycle Patches

At RealBikers.com we pride ourselves in bringing the latest and greatest to you, our loyal friends. The Motorcycle Patches at RealBikers.com are going to be a little different then other sites on the web. Everybody sells the Motorcycle Patches that use the "F" word or "Bitch" on them. If you are looking for those types of patches, you have come to the wrong site. We don't sell them. I'm quite sure you won't have a problem finding them. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR REALLY HUMOROUS Motorcycle Patches, we carry lots of those. We are adding new Motorcycle Patches every month. Most of the new Motorcycle Patches we are adding are new custom designs manufactured by us. Those patches are copyrighted and will be available only through companies affiliated with RealBikers.com.

I do believe that you will like all the different Motorcycle Patches that we sell. We have cool back patches that will look great on your vest or jacket, and well as many of the funny saying patches, flag patches, and even a cool looking Masonic patch. We also carry a full line of kid's patches too. The Dad's, Mom's, PAPA's, and Grandma's Biker Buddy patches are very popular. and, we will soon have a cool new back patch for the "Born to be a Biker" crowd. Be sure to check that out, too.

For all the Christian Motorcycle groups out there, we haven't forgot you either. We have the largest selection of Christian Patches and Christian Motorcycle Patches on the web. Most of the Christian Patches and Christian Motorcycle Patches are original designs of ours. That means that they were designed to fit on your vest or jacket and look great there too. Be sure to check out the new Christian Patches, and Soldiers Prayer Motorcycle patch as well as the new Only 2 Ever Died for Freedom patch. These 2 new patches are already great sellers and will be a great addition to your vest or jacket.

RealBikers.com is owned by RealBikers, Inc., Nancy Pell and Allison Hageman, Grandma and Grand Daughter. So call us Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm Central Time at 501-513-3733 with any questions


All patches are processed by Dave at Wholesale Direct.  His new site is ozarkbikershop.com

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