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Christian Motorcycle Patches

Why does RealBikers.com sell so many
Christian Patches?

Answer: RealBikers.com specializes in
Christian Patches by creating
original patches for all Bikers!

Christian Patches

RealBikers.com understands that having faith in the USA today is not a popular stand to take. I remember a saying that I heard when I was just a boy, "If you don't stand up for something, You'll fall for anything." I guess this is my way of standing up for something. Of course, I don't mean to offend anyone with my faith. And, If you don't want to buy product from someone with faith, I can understand that too. There are many other fine stores for you to buy your patches. If you believe like I do, you will find that RealBikers.com has a much wider selection of faith based Christian Patches then most everyone else.

We design most of the Christian Patches that we sell. So, you won't find our original patches just anywhere. We do sell some of them to other shops, so they are are available elsewhere. Mostly though, we design what we think the RealBikers.com crowd wants.

Most of our shoppers have been told to come here by others of similar faith. If you are one of them, Thanks. Please keep spreading the word. We try to have the best selection of cool looking Christian Patches. I don't believe it is written anywhere that Christian Patches have to look a certain way. I think we can show our faith in God through Christ in a way that relates to the crowd we associate with: The Biker Crowd. We need cool looking, brightly colored, Christian Patches. If you agree with me, I think this is your source for Christian Patches. If not, there are lots of other places to buy patches. I hope you choose RealBikers.com.

If you have a group of riders at you Church or place of worship and you want to have a patch made to reflect your group. WE are your source for Custom Patches too. You can click on the Custom patch link and go to our custom patch site and see pricing, and get ideas. WE have our own embroidery shop. Our minimum purchase is based on the difficulty of the design. The more difficult the design the more you need to buy. the more you buy the cheaper the patches get. These are made in the USA patches, by us, in Missouri. Our prices are comparable to the factories in China, but you will be supporting a USA family business.


RealBikers.com is owned by RealBikers, Inc., Nancy Pell and Allison Hageman, Grandma and Grand Daughter. So call us Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm Central Time at 501-513-3733 with any questions


All patches are processed by Dave at Wholesale Direct.  His new site is ozarkbikershop.com

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